How to Make a Schedule in Google Sheets Main

Wether you're in a corporate office or on a college campus, a key to success has always been maintaining an organized and neat schedule. Making a good schedule is easier now more than ever thanks to the power of google sheets.

Wether you need a google calendar or a weekly schedule, I will show you how I did that with Google Sheets along with a few steps and examples. 

Step #1: The Time Table

How to Make a Schedule in Google Sheets 1b

First, you will fill in the cells to set up an autofill. For the days of the week, simply put down the word Monday, or some acceptable abbreviation that Google will recognize (i.e. Mon)

For time, simply input the time of day that you are up and moving. For most college students, that was typically around 8 AM, then the next time you input will affect the time increments for your schedule. You can break it up however you want, but I like to do 30 minute increments.

Step #2: Formatting

How to Make a Schedule in Google Sheets 1c

Now that you have your rows and columns defined, you can add the final touches to your main table. 

Highlight the entire thing and add the following to your table:

  • Borders
  • Bold Text
  • Center Align
  • Middle Align
  • Wrap Text

You may need to expand the columns, or even the rows, but that can be adjusted later.

Step #3: Fill it In

How to Make a Schedule in Google Sheets 2a

Now that you have the Time Table the way that you want it, it is time to fill in your schedule. Select the range of cells that fall within the time frame of your class/task. 

Once they are highlighted, simply select Merge in the toolbar menu. That will give you one massive cell that covers the entire preselected range.

Now you can fill in the information for that task.

How to Make a Schedule in Google Sheets 2b

Here is how I like to orient the lines within the cell:

  1. Name of the class, along with any special notes.
  2. Location if applicable (Room Number)
  3. Time frame

You can add new lines to your cells by using the keyboard shortcut CTRL + ENTER. 

The final step will be to color code your tasks to help you better distinguish your schedule. 

How to Make a Schedule in Google Sheets 2c

To do so, simply select the cell and click on the button in the toolbar that looks like a paint bucket. Since it is for a chemistry class, I like to give it a green color. 

I also have found it useful to use the more faded colors, so that it remains easy to read the contents of the task-cell.

If your task repeats itself multiple times in a week, you can also copy and paste the original task-cell to wherever you need it.

How to Make a Schedule in Google Sheets Main

And there you have it. That is a basic overview of how I make a schedule in Google Sheets. If you also want to learn how I make a calendar, click the link here

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