Expanding Rows in Google Sheets

Have you ever wanted to expand the width of every Row in your data table instantly? Today, I will show you how to do so in just a few easy steps.

Step #1: Select the Rows

Expanding Rows in Google Sheets Step 1

First, you will want to highlight the Rows that you wish to expand. That means highlighting just the numerical cells that are on the left of every cell. you can also select all of the columns by clicking the leftmost row-cell and pressing 


To select a specific section of your data table, hold the Shift Key and use the Up and Down Arrow Keys to select the columns to its immediate left or right.

Step #2: Drag to Expand/Compress

Expanding Rows in Google Sheets Step 2

Now, you will actually be able to expand and compress at the same height for the entire selected range. Hover your mouse over the white boundary line between two of the row-cells until a black arrow cursor icon appears.

To Expand: Click and Drag the mouse downward to your desired height.

To Compress: Click and Drag the mouse upward to your desired height.

You can continue to expand and compress the rows until they reach your desired width.

That is how you Expand and Compress rows in Google Sheets.

Click here to learn how to expand or compress columns in Google Sheets.

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