How to Add Rows in Google Sheets

Knowing how to add rows is a great skill to add to your Google Sheets arsenal. I will show you how to us Google Sheets' "insert multiple rows" feature in just 3 easy steps.

Using google sheets, you can insert multiple rows with relative ease and efficiency.

Lets' get right into it!

Step #1: Select the Row

How to Add Rows in Google Sheets Step 1

First, you must click a cell located on any row that you wish to add from. It is important that you reference the correct row. When you add rows, they will add themselves directly above or below the row that you initially referenced.

Step #2: Use the "Insert" Tool.

How to Add Rows in Google Sheets Step 3

The next step is to open up the "Insert" header tool. At the very top of the drop down menu, you will see two options: "Row Above" and "Row Below".

Clicking either one of these will insert a new row into your data table, in accordance with the design and layout of your pre-existing data table. 

Step #3: Fill in Your New Row

How to Add Rows in Google Sheets Step 3

The last step will be to fill in your new rows with the desired data. As you can see from the above image, there is an important difference between "Row Above" and "Row Below". If you make any mistakes, simply click the undo button or type:

CTRL+Z or Command+Z

That is how you insert rows in Google Sheets.

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