How to add in Google Sheets

Everyone should know how to do basic addition in Google Sheets. I will show you how in just two quick and easy steps.

Step #1: "=SUM()"

How to Add in Google Sheets Step 1

First, you will click the cell that you want the sum to appear in. Then, you will use the function "=SUM(Cell1,Cell2)" in my case those two cells are B3 and C3. So my function will read as "=SUM(B3,C3)"

Alternatively, you could also use the function "=Cell1+Cell2" to add the cells together.

In this case, the function would read as "=B3+C3".

How to Add in Google Sheets Step 1 b

I personally prefer this function because it feels more natural than the "SUM" command.

Step #2: Click and Drag

How to Add in Google Sheets Step 2

Lastly, you can click and drag that cell all the way through the column. As you drag down the column, the variables will change to match the cells in that row. It is an easier technique than manually typing in the code a ton of times.

And that is how you add cells in Google Sheets, which shouldn't be confused with merging or combining cells in Sheets. You can also use similar functions for not just addition, but also:

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