Making a Data Table in Google Sheets

So, you want to create a table in Google Sheets? It is a crucial skill to have when using this software, as a spreadsheet is nothing without a good data table. In google sheets, knowing how to create tables is the first skill you will need to master. I will show you how I like to make my google sheets tables in just a few fool-proof steps!

Step #1: Add a Header Column and Row

Making a Data Table in Google Sheets Step 1

The first thing that I do when starting a new Google Sheets data table is add a "Header Row" and a "Column Row". These two parts of your graph are important because they control the x and y plane of your charts.

When it comes to any google sheets table, I like to make my column headers larger than my row headers, but make both bold.

The more organized you can make the data table ahead of time, the easier it will be to fill in all the data into your table chart later on and create better tables in the future. I like to make my column headers bold and larger than the body data and the row headers bold but smaller than the column headers.

Step #2: Fill in the Columns

Making a Data Table in Google Sheets Step 2

Now that you have the columns organized, the next step will be to fill them out. Depending on the context of the column, the cells will be filled in with a variety of possible items. However, the units should always be the same within that specific column.

Step #3: Add Borders

Making a Data Table in Google Sheets Step 3

Next, I like to add borders to the data table. Bordering the range of the data table provides a good contrast between the cells and makes it stand out and become easier to analyze the data.

Step #4: Add Filters

Making a Data Table in Google Sheets Step 4

Next, I like to add filters to the columns. When you apply this conditional formatting technique, every column will be able to be filtered and sorted as needed. Also, keep in mind that you can adjust your conditional formatting rules in any way that you can imagine, which is what makes it so powerful.

Step #5: Alternating Colors

Making a Data Table in Google Sheets Step 5

Lastly, I like to add Alternating Colors to my graph to really make it pop and catch the viewers eyes. It is a great technique to really make your data stand out, especially in group settings or in the event of a presentation.

Making a Data Table in Google Sheets

And there you have it; my step by step process for making a great data table. Feel free to apply any or all of these steps to your data tables and make your work really stand out for your next project!

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