How to Import Range in Google Sheets Main

With "ImportRange", you will be able to exchange cell ranges between URLs and data tables with Ease. I will show you how to use the IMPORT-RANGE function along with examples.

Step #1: Set up the Function

How to Import Range in Google Sheets step 1

First, you should set up your function to save yourself time and confusion, as it can get a little complex.

I like to set it up like this:


That saves me a little bit of work later on in the formula.

Step #2: Paste the URL Key

How to Import Range in Google Sheets step 2a

First, you will need to attach the URL to the equation. To do this, you will need to go to the tab that you wish to import from, and copy the URL key. The Key is the series of numbers and letters between /d/ and /edit. Alternatively, you can copy the entire URL, as well if the original method fails.

Then you will paste the URL/Key into the function.

How to Import Range in Google Sheets step 2b

Make sure you hold the URL in quotations and follow it with a comma.

Step #3: Pinpoint the Import

How to Import Range in Google Sheets step 3

Next, you will need to specify the sheet name and cell range of the imported URL.

Note: You will need to know how to do sheet referencing for this part.

When specifying the sheet name, you will always close it with a "!". For the cell range, you can state what the range is in terms of cells, or even in a custom name that you gave said range.

To learn more about naming cell ranges, click the link here.

Be sure to close that off with a quotation and finally a parentheses.

Upon Hitting Enter you will have imported your data.

How to Import Range in Google Sheets Final

Keep in mind that the first time you do this, Google Sheets will ask if you want to allow access to that data. Click "Allow Access" and the data will transfer over. 

Also, the only thing that imports are the cells, not the format, so if you want to keep custom formats like alternating colors, you will have to do that over from scratch.

And there you have it; that is how you Import a cell range between separate tabs in Google Sheets.

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