When creating a Google Sheet, the organization and beautification of your chart is just as important as the content. One way you can improve the presentation of your data is with the “Alternating” draggable=”false” href=”https://8020sheets.com/?s=alternating+colors” data-wpil-keyword-link=”linked”>Alternating Colors” function.

Step #1: Highlight the Range You Want

Alternating Colors 1

Now, you will need to make sure that you highlight the desired range of your zebra striping.

You can highlight one column, but you will typically find yourself highlighting the entire data table. Once you are actually in the alternating colors toolkit, you will be able to color your preselected range.

Step #2: Access "Alternating Colors"

Alternating Colors 2
"Alternating Colors" will be found within the Format "Toolkit" of both Google Sheets and Excel.

In the header bar of Google Sheets, you will see the "Format" button. Simply hover your mouse over that and you will see its drop-down menu. At the bottom of that menu, you will see the feature titled "Alternating Colors".

Step #3: Select Your Color Pattern

Alternating Colors 3
There are a few functions within the "Alternating Colors" tool, and each serves to personalize your chart.

Within the "Alternating Colors" toolkit you will be able to choose the color scheme that you want for your chart. You can:

  • Designate the range of the alternating colors. This is useful if you have multiple portions of your spreadsheet that need the same color formatting
  • Control whether the pattern begins at the top (Header) or the bottom (Footer)
  • Select from a list of default color schemes
  • Create your own color scheme, and even save it to the default schemes if you want.

And there you have it; that is how you alternate the color pattern on Google Sheets

Bonus Note: I would highly recommend adding borders to your cells to really make your data tables pop out and be easily organized.

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