Referencing Sheets

Eventually, everyone will need to know how to reference data from more than one Sheet at the same time. I will show you the basics here for how google sheets allows you to reference another sheet, allowing you to link data between one current sheet and another google sheets file. 

Step #1: Know Your Coordinates

Referencing Sheets Step 1A
Referencing Sheets Step 1B

At the bottom of the page (sometimes called the google sheets workbook), you will see a list of your sheets. In Sheet 1, I have one column of numbers, in Sheet 2, I have a second column of numbers. These will be the google sheets used to reference on the other sheet.

Side Note: is that you can rename your sheets to help organize your sheets. simply right click the sheet tab and select "Rename

In sheet 2, the column starts at Cell B2, which is important to remember for the next step.

Step #2: "=Sheet2!(Cell)"

Referencing Sheets Step 2

In this case, I will be multiplying between the two sheets on sheet 1. The Function that you want to use for referencing the cell is gonna be "Sheet2!B2"

here, you have the function structured as

"Sheet Name+!+Cell Coordinate" 

From here, the cell will be properly referenced and behave as if it existed in that sheet. With this function, we can use google sheets' reference function to pull data from multiple sheets with ease.

Step #3: Verify Results

Referencing Sheets Step 3

If you click and drag down the column, the reference command will apply the same way so long as there are cells to reference in the new sheet. Always feel free to check the math and make sure everything was referenced properly.

And there you have it; that is how you reference sheets in Google Sheets. You can use Sheet referencing for really cool collaborative functions like Import-Range, that let you relocate entire spreadsheets within Google Sheets.

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