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When you are printing off a lot of Sheets, it is good to conserve as much paper as possible. You can do so by setting the print area. This can be done simply through Google Sheet's print settings.

Follow these steps on how to not only conserve  paper and ink, but also make your physical spreadsheets and current sheets look their best for your next meeting or presentation.

Step #1: Highlight the Range

Setting the Print Area in Google Sheets 1

First, you will want to highlight the print range: everything that you wish to appear on the printed copy. In this case, I want to print a neat copy of a student's class schedule for the coming semester. 

Wether that is the entire spreadsheet or a set print area in google sheets, the world's your oyster; go nuts.

Step #2: Select "Print"

Setting the Print Area in Google Sheets 2

Next, you will hit the Print button, located on the top-left corner of Google Sheets. It is the button that looks like a printer.

Alternatively, you could use the keyboard shortcuts:

CTRL + P for PC


COMMAND + P for Mac

Step #3: Printer Menu

Setting the Print Area in Google Sheets 3

As you can see, the current version of the printed copy will have a bunch of ugly gridlines around the actually important stuff. To fix this, open the Print drop-down menu and select the Selected Cells () option.

That will change the display to only show the range that we highlighted in step 1.

Setting the Print Area in Google Sheets 4

From here, you can add any final margin edits to your sheet and print it off by selecting Next

And there you have it; that is how you crop your data tables and graphs to better in Google Sheets.

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