The Format menu lets you customize and manage the way your cells look and how the data is displayed in Google Sheets. In this article, I am gonna offer a quick summary of each function in the menu.


With the Themes section, you can customize the way your cells look and are fonted. It is a great and efficient way to "beautify" any spreadsheet with pre-made themes. Don't like any of them? just hit "customize" and make your own!


The Number section allows you to format your data according to whatever number type you may need. Everything from currency to percentage to even time.


This section allows you to format your text as needed. Wether you need to make it bold, italicized, underlined, or struck, you can do so in this section.


With this tool, you can manipulate the positioning of the text within the cell. With this section, you can position it horizontally and/or vertically.


With this section, you can manipulate how the cells react to space. With it you can wrap text, handle overflow, or clip it.

Rotation and Font Size

Rotation and Font size are pretty self explanatory. Rotation allows you to rotate the text, and font size affects how large it is.

Conditional Formatting

Conditional Formatting is a really powerful tool in google sheets. With it, you can highlight certain cells with specific colors according to custom conditional statements.

Alternating Colors

Alternating colors allows you to add a little bit of color to your tables. you can use the default options or create custom tables according to any color pattern you so choose.

And that's all there is to it! The format menu is one of the most important tools in your Google Sheets arsenal.

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