How to Make a Graph in Google Sheets

Graphs are the bread and butter of Google Sheets, and as such, everyone should know how to make them. I will show you how to make a graph in Google Sheets with just a few easy steps. 

Step #1: Highlight your Range

Making a Graph in Google Sheets Step 1

First, you will need to select the entire range of your data table. It is also important that you think about what you want the structure of your graph to be ahead of time, as that will impact how many columns you make. 

However, in the case of line graphs you will usually need only two:

One column to command the x-axis, and a second column to command the y-axis.

Step #2: "Insert"

Making a Graph in Google Sheets Step 2

Now that you have highlighted the range, click "Insert", open the Drop-Down Menu, and click on the "Chart" option. This will automatically generate a graph.

Step #3: Personalize 

Making a Graph in Google Sheets Step 3

When the graph is generated, the chart editor menu will also appear. It will let you edit and personalize your graph as much as you need and want.

"Setup" lets you customize the technical layout. (Chart Type, X-Axis, Series, etc.)

"Customize" lets you graphically design and color your chart. Making an attractive graph is only slightly less important than making it informative.

And that is how you create a basic graph in Google Sheets . Whether you need to make a Bar Graph, Histogram, or a Scatter Plot, this technique will work for you!

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