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COUNTIF is a conditional function, like SUMIF, that lets you find the number of times that your data will meet certain criteria. I will show you how to use this function, as well as show a few examples. 


COUNTIF Walkthrough 1

Follow this Step By Step process to use the COUNTIF Function

  1. Type =COUNTIF(. This will initiate the Count-If function.
  2. Insert the range you want to analyze. Because we are looking for Grades from B-A, your best bet would be to select the cells  below the Grade % Column.
  3. Set the Criteria. Because you are looking for anyone with a grade between 80-100, you can state ">79" Also, make sure that you add quotation marks to your criteria.

Counting By KeyPhrase

Part 2 for COUNTIF Walkthrough

You can also count cells by Keywords or Letters. Instead of setting up a conditional range, simply input the desired Keywords or letters. For this Count-If equation, I want to find out how many students are named "Zeke".

And there you have it; that is how you use the Count-If function in Google Sheets. 

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