Adjusting cell size in google sheets is as simple as toggling the column width and row height. I will walk you through how to do this simple function with just two easy steps!

Step 1: Toggle Column Width

The first step in enlarging any cell is pretty simple. just click on the cell you want to enlarge and hover your cursor to the top of the sheet where each column is labeled alphabetically. click and hold the right line of the column that your cell is in; the mouse should turn into a blue sideways arrow. Simply click and drag the blue mouse to your desired width.

Also keep in mind that these steps are interchangeable. Wether you adjust the height or width first does not matter.

Step 2: Toggle Row Height

Next you will go to the row ribbon (They will be sorted numerically) and adjust the height of the row that holds your desired cell.

And there you have it; that is how you adjust the size of any cell in google sheets!

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