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When collaborating with people on Google Sheets, Locking certain cells is an extremely useful tool. This way, you can protect cells in google sheet that contain important data that should never update. I will show you how to lock cells in google sheet in just a few easy steps.

Step #1: Access "Protected Ranges"

How to Lock Cells in Google Sheets Step 1

When locking cells, first right click the cell that you want to protect. Then, in the drop-down menu click on "Protected Range". That will take you to the "Protected Sheets and Ranges" menu

Step #2: Name It and Set the Range

How to Lock Cells in Google Sheets Step 2

In the "Protected Sheets & Ranges" menu, you will fill in the name and range of your locked cell or locked cells. The range should already be there if you right clicked the proper cell. Then you will click on the green "Set Permissions" button.

Step #3: Set Permissions

How to Lock Cells in Google Sheets Step 3

Here, you will be able to control who can and cannot edit the cell. you can also manually add new email addresses to your "team" of editors. Now only you have the ability to edit that cell as locking cells restricts the ability for your team to edit those cells.

Step #4: Verify That it Works

How to Lock Cells in Google Sheets Final

Lastly, you should test your protections by trying to edit the cell from an email account that is restricted.

If the account is properly restricted, nothing will happen to the cell and a notification will appear and inform you that the cell is protected.

That is how you lock, or protect, cells in Google Sheets.

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