One of the most common data types in Google Sheets are dates. That being said, it is also one of the most sorted data types. This article will show you multiple ways that you can organize your data using dates.

I am gonna work an example of this list of randomly assorted dates. It should serve as a good example for what this article is 

Step 1: Highlight and Right Click your Data

The first step is to highlight and right click the data range containing the dates in your spreadsheet. When you right click it, a menu will pop up. At the bottom of the menu you will see an option titled View More Cell Columns. 

When you click that, it will open the extended menu. In that menu, click on Sort Range.

Step 2: Sort Range

You will be directed to a menu for sorting ranges, you can either manually enter it within this menu or just follow the technique I have shown.

Note: A to Z sorts the dates from oldest at the top to newest at the bottom, and vice versa. Click sort and it will do the sorting automatically.

After sorting the data from A to Z, It will sort the dates from oldest at the top and newest on the bottom.  

Bonus Technique: Using The Data Menu

You can also sort the data using the data menu in the tool ribbon. Simply select sort sheet and then how you would like to sort the column. I personally prefer the technique I showed already, but to each their own.

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