Pie Charts are one of the most popular ways that people display distributive data, especially in the corporate world. I will show you how to make one in Google Sheets!

Step 1: Insert Chart

First, click on Insert which will open that dropdown menu. Next, select Chart which should create a blank chart template.

Alternatively, you could highlight the two columns that you want to turn into a chart ahead of time, but I am showing you this technique in the event that your data is not right next to each other.

Step 2: Filling in the Data

Click on the three dots in the top right corner of the chart and select Edit Chart, which will take you to the chart editor.

Under chart type, select one of the three pie charts. This part is a matter of p[reference as all three behave the same.

Next you will see a section called Data Range, select the symbol that looks like 4 rectangles, and it will open the Select a Data Range window as seen in the image below.

Every Pie Chart has two components:

Labels & corresponding Numerical Data

Simply enter the range of the values and labels.

When you are done, click OK and the Pie Chart will generate.

Note: You can customize the appearance of your pie chart simply by using the Customize menu. With it you can adjust the aesthetic features of your chart. Things such as:

  • Color, Font, and Format
  • Data Highlights
  • And more

It really lets you make the pie chart your own. Just remember that it should still clearly display the data.

That is how you can turn your data to a pie chart using Google Sheets!

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