How to Look Up Cells in Google Sheets

Looking up and replacing Cells is a great way to quickly make large scale changes in Google Sheets. I will show you how to do so in three easy steps.

Step #1: CTRL/CMD+F

How to Look Up Cells in Google Sheets Step 1

Use the keyboard shortcut "CTRL+F" for PC, or "Command+F" if you use a Mac. this will open the "Find in Sheet" search bar. This will let you look up cells from anywhere on Google Sheets, not only the sheet you are currently occupying.

Step #2: Input Commands

How to Look Up Cells in Google Sheets Step 2

Here, you will input the cell you want to replace along with what you want to replace it with. This could be for any item, whether it is numbers or words.

You can also choose where you will search. You can choose from:

  • The current sheet
  • All of your sheets
  • A given range of the current sheet

Step #3: Make Sure it Worked

How to Look Up Cells in Google Sheets Step 3

As you can see, the isolated search we ran on the keyword "Car Loans" was replaced with "Car Payments". It is a good idea to verify that all of the complex functions you fill out in Google Sheets.

That is how you look up and replace cells in Google Sheets.

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