Let's face it, we don't need all 24000+ cells in a Google Sheets spreadsheet. That being said, you would wanna know how to minimize your spreadsheets, right?

It makes your tables way more readable and is just a general best practice, sort of like "trimming the fat".

It is a fairly straightforward technique, but people rarely go through the trouble of implementing it. let's walk through it together.

Hiding Columns

First I will show you how to hide your columns. Start off by selecting all of the columns that you don't need. Click on the left most column of the range you want to hide and press Command (CTRL for PC users) + Shift + the Right Arrow Key.

While the range is highlighted, right click the range and select the "Hide Columns" option. this will hide all of the selected columns.

Hiding Rows

Next we are going to walk through how to hide rows. Just like we did last time, we will start off by highlighting the range of the rows.

Simply click the top-most row and hold down Command (CTRL for PC users) + Shift + the Right Arrow Key.

Now we can hide the desired rows.

Simply right click the range and select "Hide Rows". That will hide the row range that you selected.

Now your desired range has been hidden. 

If and when you want to restore your columns or rows, simply click on the arrow on the border column and row as shown in the sheet above.

And there you have it; that is how you can hide rows and columns in Google Sheets!

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